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Kirton Holiday Club

Kirton near Boston held a two day Holiday Club last week on the theme of Bible houses. Although only 3 children had signed up, 11 children and a few parents attended and were welcomed with a craft activity in the Church Hall on the first day.

After a while Youth and Children's Worker, Jackie, set them a challenge to make a hole in a sheet of paper that was big enough for them to get through.

There were some brave efforts but no one could manage it without the paper tearing until Jackie showed them the trick of cutting it into a zigzag loop which they could easily fit over their bodies.

Next everyone went through to the Church where they learned a song and watched a video about the Crowded House.

An energetic Rev. Ann Lett led the actions for the song and the video was an engaging retelling of the story of the man let down through the roof for Jesus to heal him.

Then the children had to make a sick person out of clothes stuffed with newspaper and carry them on a sheet round an obstacle course.

This was exhausting work so refreshments were in order and then we were treated to a lively, funny sketch.

Doctor Jackie was learning how poor, sick Jonathan had been healed by Jesus and didn't need her services any more.

Jackie then helped everyone to think through the story and asked some excellent questions about it encouraging us to explore our own reactions to what happened.

Making a woven mat which was laminated so it could be used as a place mat was only one of the activities on offer to take us up to lunch time.

There were colouring sheets and play dough, table games and making a big model of the crowded house with lots of people inside.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the games in the afternoon but I'm sure they were exciting. The content was based on Scripture Union material adapted to fit the context. The children all engaged really well with everything on offer and children, parents and helpers all seemed to have a lovely time. A few of the children were regulars from church but most were not. All the children came back for the next day's session which was about the "Sick House" and focussed on Jesus healing Peter's mother-in-law.

I was also shown round the extensive store of costumes and props for Open the Book by enthusiastic Sheila. Keep watching as I'll have to feature that after term starts again.

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